Seles Bungalows is a boat ride away from Mnemba Island where some of the best diving and snorkeling spots can be found in the World. Mnemba Island is an atoll set just off the northeast coast near Matemwe. Diving at Mnemba is stunning, on the inside it’s like being in a giant aquarium and the outside offers excellent wall and drift dives. The island itself is a breeding ground for turtles and they are often seen gliding by along with dolphins, huge schools of fish, whale sharks and humpbacks when in season. For those interested in culture and history, no trip to Zanzibar would be complete without a tour of a traditional spice farm. Over the years Zanzibar has been one of the largest exporters of cloves and other spices and has been used as a welcome stop over for themany merchants exploiting the trade winds on route to India. Stone Town is just a short trip away where you will see many bazaars, curio shops, stunning architecture and stores selling souvenirs and not forgetting Marahubi, where you will see Palace Ruins and Persian Baths built by Sultans in the 1800's.


A traditional Dhow is the mode of transport for the day as you sail out across the turquoise waters and past the white sand beaches of Zanzibar. The Dhow Fishing Trip is exactly that – an afternoon spent fishing with a Zanzibar local expert. You could even learn the ‘old school’ way of fishing with hand lines and old nets if you like.


Kite surfing has been a growing sport for some time and now Zanzibar has caught up. Kite Surfing is immensely fun, hugely addictive and incredibly exhilarating. Sessions can be arranged at all levels from your first time up.


Sometimes there is nothing better than nothing. We spend so much of our time running around chasing the day at home and why would you want to do the same whilst away. Sometimes all you want is a good book and fantastic beach on which to chill out and unwind. Zanzibar is the land of the laid back and after a few days you’re guaranteed to slip into Zanzibari time.